The dust mask–also known as the “nuisance” mask–is a common fixture in wood shops, maintenance shops, construction sites, seed and grain warehouses and anywhere airborne dust particles can be detected. Law may require dust mask usage when exposure to airborne particles exceeds certain limits. But dust mask usage goes beyond that. The application of a dust mask is common sense, and it should be applied any time there is the possibility of inhaling particles of any type.

A dust mask shouldn’t be confused with a respirator that filters organic and chemical vapors through carbon filters. The dust mask filters only solid particulates from the air, and it will not protect the individual from organic- or chemical-based fumes. The dust mask should not be used when painting or working with chemicals. The dust mask is used only to prevent dust from entering the lungs when working in a dusty environment. When you inhale, air passes through the dust mask, trapping dust particles on the surface of the mask.

Breathe Healthy Masks are more than just dust masks, and generally outperform your everyday “nuisance” dust masks that are commonly referred to. They have been produced from a very comfortable, moisture wicking fabric that allows them to be worn comfortably for longer periods. They are designed to filter out all types of small particulates in the air that could be inhaled. They also have been treated with a permanent antimicrobial, which does not allow germs to survive on the inner lining of the mask. They can assist in helping with a large variety of respiratory concerns. Our masks our sold to many types of customers to filter out different types of particulates in the air: people with allergies (pollen, mold, dust), dog groomers (dander, nail dust, hair), lawn and garden workers (dust, mold, pollen), woodworkers (wood particles), travelers (germs and flu viruses), people with COPD and asthma (various allergens, cold air), soldiers (dirt and dust), and patients with weakened immune systems (germs). Breathe Healthy masks help to protect you, and also the people around you.