Outdoors – For Gardening, Grass Cutting, Wood Dust, and Allergens

Whether at work, working around the house or working at a hobby, dust and other small particles (allergens) can be both an irritant and detriment to your health. Many respiratory and health problems develop as a result of sustained exposure to dust. A Breathe Healthy Mask effectively filters minute airborne dust particles. This, and their comfort in warmer weather, makes them an excellent choice of mask for grass mowing. The pollen and spores that are swept into the air from grass mowing can be almost unbearable to the allergy sufferer. A Breathe Healthy mask, along with a suitable or prescribed allergy medicine, can help immensely.

In heavy dust environments, almost all reputable mask manufacturers recommend changing your mask at least every 4 hours. Obviously this can become very expensive. Once a Breathe Healthy mask is used, it can be washed and used again, while still retaining its filtering and germ killing properties.

A Breathe Healthy mask is washable, antibacterial, adjustable, breathable and comfortable. Many Woodworkers, Woodworking Associations, Lawn Maintenance Companies, Farm Workers and Construction Companies and even US Soldiers now use Breathe Healthy masks because of their technical features and their comfort (they wick and repel exhaled moisture away from the face and are not unbearably hot for extended periods of time). Many of our customers, while working on a hot day or in a hot environment, choose to wear their Breathe Healthy mask while it is damp for the extra cooling effect. *Our masks are not meant for wear in the presence of hazardous material dust.